“I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom in the early AM after a bad studio session in Brisbane; Everyone was drinking and there were too many people in the room for me to catch a vibe.

I always find myself wanting to talk about the future and positive steps to achieve my goals but I feel like people are too stuck in the past and in the drama that they can’t listen to good things. I ended up smoking and left.”


The single is a fusion of R&B, Abstract Pop and Hip Hop. The eery, dream-like melodies portray a lost and lonely vibe over Malikai’s heavy kicks and distorted 808’s. Ms Rose invites us into her mind where conflicting emotions become too much to stand sober:

The lyrics sends us to a late night studio session with smoke in the air and feelings on her mind. Throughout the song, Jamie-Rose expresses her want to speak but feels as though no one is really listening. So words go unsaid.

“I don’t wanna drink too much but I don’t wanna feel to much.

I don’t wanna think too much but I think too much.”

Jamie-Rose Exposes Her Darker Side With New Single ‘SCVBA’… And It Slaps


Jamie-Rose consistently comes up on the underground R&B and Hip Hop radar globally and is considered “a breath of fresh air on the Australian music scene” by Triple J. With every new release receiving media attention, you can’t deny that Jamie-Rose is worth discovering.

Rose explained,


After the much anticipated music video for ‘Bombay’ was released, fans crave more from the prodigious singer-songwriter.

Toronto, CA - March 26, 2019 — Brisbane’s Jamie-Rose has teamed up with Malikai Motion to deliver another dark trap banger, ‘SCVBA’ (pronounced SC-OO-BA).